Monday, August 2, 2010

BP and oil - where is it?

Suddenly, there's no BP (British Petroleum) oil spill. At least the major part is missing. Where did it go and why does that matter to the environment?

The answer - chemical dispersants.  Why does that matter?

Imagine you're a young man seeking a young woman to be your life-long partner. I apologize for telling this from the straight male perspective. It isn't the best perspective but (alas) it's the only one I have. And, it fits so well.

Do you seek your companion at church? Do you seek the life-long partner at political rallies (assuming something in common)? Do you seek her at clubs (assuming an addiction to Captain Morgan and cola)? Do you seek her at yoga class (assuming some flexibility in life)?

Not if you're the EPA.

They find a femme de noir. While she may not be everything they seek, her makeup covers up the flaws and the pain.

In my long life, particularly the cab driving years, I've known some excellent women of the evening. And, while I knew them as friends and clients, I never forgot the choices they made. I've worked hard, albeit unsuccessfully, to change things so those choices didn't have to be made by others who came later. Still, as nice and smart and funny as some of them were, the simple reality is that after a number of years in the trade, the makeup didn't hide the truth any more. I'm sorry. Sometimes after I took them to their homes and dropped them off, I cried. It was sad. It damn sure wasn't a goal.

Kids, the EPA doesn't get it.

Chemical dispersants hurt sea creatures. They allow damage. But, if you're not looking closely and the light is poor, they hide the truth.

It turns out the EPA has routinely allowed chemical dispersants to be used by BP.

That's both bad science, bad politics,  and against the law.

I take it personally because the Gulf of Mexico is my ocean. I grew up on it. It cured me both physically and metaphorically many times. Now, some jerk is destroying it. Some jerk is killing the dolphins I surfed with, killing the brown pelicans I worshiped, and killing the fish that sustained me.

That's my f***ing ocean. It's bad enough that you keep lying to people but you're killing my ocean.

Now, I find out my government is cooperating. I'm really mad. I'll vote mad and I'll contribute to candidates who share my rage.

Yes, President Obama, I'm mad at you too. I'm mad because you aren't. Step up. I voted for change. I voted for integrity. I even sent money. Please do the right thing and hang these guys out to dry.

Throw Salazar in the pit with them while you're at it.

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