Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best snowboarding/ski film ever?

The word best, when used this way, is almost meaningless but I don't know another way to say it. I just went to the world-premier of Valhalla, the new flick by Sweetgrass, and it's incredible. Sweetgrass always has great riding and great snow. What do they do different? They find incredible music that fits the film, moving seamlessly between today's music and classic rock, timing the riding to the rhythm, and leaving the viewer ready to ride and far more stoked than ever.

What else sets them apart? They have a storyline that actually stays intact and relevant throughout the film. That matters, because we often attend these films with someone who's a bit less stoked than we are and it keeps them engaged. Hell, this one kept me engaged.

Finally, they are agnostic when it comes to skiing and riding. If it's awesome, it's in the film. Both are represented well, without you thinking "When does my side appear?" or without it seeming gratuitous.

Go see it! Go buy it! Or, you can do like me and do both!