Sunday, August 8, 2010

Safety for least for now

Friday US District Judge Donald Molloy ruled that that Rocky Mountain Gray Wolves should remain on the Endangered Species List. While no surprise, it's a great relief to many of us and to the wolves.

Amazingly, the judge who first ruled to allow them off the list predicted this. You might ask why he would make a ruling that he knew would be overturned. Lots of taxpayer dollars are lost from this decision and at least 100 wolves were killed.

Idaho said it would ask for permission to have its wolf hunt anyway. There's a few more wasted taxpayer dollars but they're apparently wealthy in Idaho so taxpayer dollars are in good supply.

The handling of the wolf issue is one of my pet peeves against President Obama.  I've written about it before so I'll just say that environmentalists' votes shouldn't be taken for granted. It's not so much that we'd vote against you but it's hard to get out to vote when you feel betrayed.

Wolves are endangered and need the protection. Wondering what you can do? Check out this site and they'll get you started.

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