Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The movie Oceans

Just saw the movie Oceans. While I'm not a Disney guy, this is incredible. The cinematography is breathtaking and the story line compelling. It's a must see on the big screen type movie. Well worth the time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Snowboarding in Key West?

Okay, there's no snow here but it's a great place to defrost. The seafood is outstanding, the music outstanding, and the vibe most excellent. More to come!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cowardly gun advocate rally in Virginia

Cowardly gun rights advocates rallied in a Virginia park to protest gun control laws.

Why "cowardly"? If you really believe you need to walk around with a weapon, you're either living a life of fear or you're trying to compensate for other problems. While I would never propose banning hunting weapons, these guys are over the top.

The even had Mike Vanderboegh, a former Alabama Minuteman, as a key speaker. I'll let you speculate on how they chose the term "Minuteman". He's famous for telling people they should throw bricks through the windows of local Democratic Party headquarters. He's a real loser.

In his speach, he said he couldn't get a fair trial in federal court so he'd shoot it out with the Federales if they come to arrest him. Brilliant. Surely we can arrest him for something and show the world that he doesn't really have the er....courage to do that.

Gun control advocate Martina Leinz confronted him after the rally and called him "a small, little bully". H'mmm...small, Minuteman...are we seeing a trend here.

Rational people don't walk around with weapons. Rational people don't support brick-throwing. Ironically, in the 60s the same people were calling for mass arrests of protestors. Amazing.

In the end, someone will get hurt. That's really a shame.

Imagine...you're in a Starbucks and one of these guys is there with a gun on his shoulder. You argue about something...who's first in line, whatever and the moron touches his weapon. What happens next?

It's all bad.

For the record, while I no longer hunt, many of my friends do. And, responsible hunting is good for the environment. This isn't about hunting...it's about...dare I say it...law and order.

My, the times have changed.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to stop hate

I wrote about this here once before.

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There's no excuse for discrimination against GLT (gay/lesbian/transexual). Zero. I don't care about your religion or hangups - discrimination and hatred are simply wrong. If you disagree personally, that's okay. But these folks have the same right as anyone to go to school, be happy, work, and live.

If your religion says otherwise, you need another religion. Yours is flawed.

In my high school, I took an African American woman to the prom - okay, the after-prom - I was too cheap to rent a tux. It was (I'm told) the first time a white/black couple attended. Lots of people said it was morally wrong. Today, no one would bat an eye.

It's time we move to that point on GLT issues too.

If you agree with me, sign a petition to move the ball forward. It's here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama promotes Great Outdoors initiative

The outdoors are funny. If you haven't been in the woods, nothing anyone can say makes them seem attractive. It's seems intuitive that watching a TV show about the woods, while in your air conditioned and heated home, is far preferable.

I always felt that way.

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Then I started snowboarding and my connection to the outdoors was forged. Today, I prefer the outdoors to...well, almost everything. I'm concerned as fewer and fewer Americans experience the outdoors and that can lead to our wildernesses disappearing.

So, get outside. Walk a little in the woods, on the beach - go somewhere that isn't overpopulated by anything but wildlife. It's infectious. You can easily become addicted.

That experience, more than anything I write, can explain why Obama's initiative is so important.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tax cuts

As the Tea Baggers scream at Obama for raising taxes, they neglect to mention - he lowered taxes. Federal taxes went down this year.

Of course, idiots like this don't let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs, cancer, and finding the cure

For those of us with dogs, they are a vital part of our lives...in fact, an extension of our lives. We miss them when we travel, we get mad at them, we love them...they are our family.

This video talks about the rise in canine cancer and steps to do something about it. It's pretty inspiring.

Thanks to my friend Amy for pointing it out to me.

For more dog stories, check out the Jamaican Dog Sled Team here, a mambo-dancing dog here and a faithful Shiba Ken here.

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More on why we should try not to buy Chinese products

I really believe that, since Burton is manufacturing in China, we shouldn't buy their gear. We have a choice.

Alas, sometimes we don't have a choice and that's unfortunate.

Check out this story on worker mistreatment at the plants making Microsoft products. Of course, like Chinese-manufactured products, it's good to avoid the MS ones whenever possible.

Thanks to Rich for pointing me to this story.

For more on the boycott Burton issue, check this out.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More evidence of global warming

I'm amazed that people still argue this. I read where Arlo Guthrie pointed out the silliness by saying that if you were at the bottom of a mountain and a giant boulder was coming down the mountain to crush you, you wouldn't just stand there and argue about whether it was a natural cause or a person who pushed the rock. You'd do something and get out of the way.

Global warming is the same way. What percentage is caused by man and what percentage comes from nature is far less important than us doing what we can to stop it.

Treehugger posted some Yahoo pics showing before and after shots. Here they are. After viewing these, imagine the effect global warming will have on your snowboarding over the next five or ten years.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Backcountry Magazine wins journalism award

I subscribe to Backcountry Magazine. It's always good and sometimes it's great. If you snowboard anywhere but the park, you should check it out.

Now they won a well-deserved award for journalism from Northern Lights. Check out the story here.

Tea Bagger Nazis are arming themselves

Think you've seen all the Tea Bag Party silliness there is? There's more. Now, along with some Republican members of the Oklahoma legislature, they're proposing a militia to defend the state governments against U.S. power.

For those with short memories, this is the home of the Oklahoma City bombing. Now, they're trying to legalize a militia made up of people only vaguely more rational than the cowardly idiot who blew up the Murrah building.

Intelligent conservatives (y'all need to stand up and speak up now) are as skeptical about this as I am. Yet, some members of the state legislature are saying the legislation will be introduced next year...including one who intends to run for governor.

Once these guys go violent, they move from silly people to criminals and should be treated as such. Just when I'm thinking (we) liberal Democrats are losing, these idiots come along and make us look really smart.

One final note: they say they're only concerned with states' rights yet none of them spoke up when Bush ordered that California had to comply with the much weaker emission standards of the federal government.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

What size snowboard should I ride?

I post this every month as it gets a tremendous number of views.

This is the site I send people to  most of the time. It's got a formula that calculates your needs based on a variety of criteria. I'd add 2 - 3 cm if you ride a lot of powder. It even recommends boards. This is a great place to start. But, you're spending a lot of money. Check thoroughly.

Here's a much deeper look at the subject, including (if you go to the bottom) information on board widths. There's some good info here.

Finally, here's the backcountry.com data.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet backcountry snowboarding video

This is an excellent video for what is nearly the end of the season. Great ride and good camera work! Props to thesnaz.com and to Don Watkins for bringing this to us.

Mornin' Glory from Don Watkins on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Right (Fox News) wing liars - and now on purpose

Obama has pushed to get a nuclear non-proliferation treaty to happen.

There are good reasons to support it and good reasons to oppose it. However, there are no good reasons to lie about it.

It isn't the end of our security. It doesn't reduce our security at all. When people say it does, they're just using scare tactics to intimidate folks who don't read.

We will still have enough nuclear firepower to destroy the world 5 - 7 times. Makes me feel secure. The treaty allows for nuclear response if we're attacked with biological weapons. It even allows for nuclear response if we're attacked in any way by a nation who is not in compliance with the accords.

As John Stewart pointed out, he's only proposing a 1/3 reduction - the same as Ronald Reagan proposed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Start your own movement

Want to make something viral? Here's all you need to know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pearl Izumi reaches for Uranus

I'm not endorsing the product...just the video. Be warned - if you don't like silly puns, skip this.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dirty politics

Amazing. We know that the winners write the history books but now some losers are trying to write them. As much as I'd like history to totally vindicate my absolutely correct political views, it won't. Nor will it vindicate those of the right. History, like the ocean, just abides. But now some folks want to change it. Check out an incredible opinion piece at mcclatchydc.com.

Why we live - why we ride

It's easy to feel sorry for yourself. I'm good at it. Why couldn't I ride today? Why didn't it snow more? Why can't I afford to (fill in the blank). Then, you watch something like this video and you understand that whatever we have, we should enjoy it. No moralizing...just enjoy and share our enjoyment so that others can enjoy too.

Sweet video and I'm embarrassed that I don't remember where I saw it so I can't give the correct credit.


BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Jonaven Moore snowboading backcountry and an avalanche

Maybe some message for all of us?

The Season Episode 4 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Jonaven Moore snowboarding in the backcountry

This is incredible footage. Check it out!

The Season Episode 10 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Electric car for next year's snowboarding season?

Here's info on the Nissan Leaf, for folks willing to drop about $25,000 or so on some lightly tested technology.

Or, you can go hardcore like these guys and live to ride.

Storing your snowboard for the summer

Rocky Thompson of Backcountry and the infamous/famous Goat blog gives these tips for storing your snowboard or skis for the summer.