Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boycott Target - FlashMob style

Is Target becoming the new K-Mart? In the movie Rain Main, Charlie teaches Raymond the immortal phrase "K-Mart sucks" and we all repeated it. Now, it seems Target is the one that sucks. Funny but this is making corporate leader Wal-Mart look better and better - especially given their new environmentalism. Please keep in mind - I'm not endorsing Wal-Mart - just saying Target makes them look better by comparison.

Earlier I wrote about this boycott. Target donated money to a right-wing gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota. Several things are upsetting about that:

  1. Corporations shouldn't make contributions to political campaigns. That should be left to people. While I'm not sure of the legislative merit of banning this, I believe pressure can be brought on corporations through public protest and boycott. Nothing ever wrong with empowering people and having a bit less government ;-)
  2. This particular candidate has been aggressively hostile (even donating money to a group threatening violence) toward gay folks. That's covered in the article I referred to above.

Now, there's another tool in the fight - FlashMobs. Check out the video, take the pledge and remember to update your vernacular - now it's Target sucks!

I'm still checking on the rumor that Target is hiring Dr. Laura as their official spokesperson.

If you can't see the video or the links, see everything at

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