Thursday, August 26, 2010

Iranian dog persecution

Iran has a lot of problems. They have a dictatorial government. They have folks embargoing them. They have a president named I'm-a-nut-job who believes there are no gay folks in Iran. They also have Israel about to missile them into sawdust around the site of their nuclear fiasco.

Now there a new problem.

The Ayatollahs (pronounced I'm-a-toilets) have declared a fatwah banning dog ads. Seriously.

To fundamentalist (means semi-nuts when applied to any religion), dogs are unclean. Their is no reference to dogs in the Koran but there's a belief that Mohamed verbally called them unclean.

Moreover, police in Tehran are supposed to keep the citizens from walking dogs in public or driving with their pets - even when the dog isn't driving.

All of this happened in spite of the growing popularity of dogs in the populace.

This is final proof - Iran is in trouble.

Now I'm not an Iran-basher. From all accounts, it's a beautiful country with excellent mountains for snowboarding. The people are great with a terrific culture. So maybe this dog fatwah will be the last straw and they'll send the freaks packing. We can only hope.

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