Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bugs eating the BP oil spill?

Some scientists are saying that the BP oil spill is being reduced - well, nearly eliminated - by a newly discovered strain of, oil-eating microbes.

The authority on everything, Wikipedia, says that microbes are tiny organisms too small to be seen by the human eye. Yes, I had to look that up.

The scientists that believe this seem to believe that the microbe may have adapted over time because there's always some oil in the Gulf.

Other scientists say this isn't correct.

I, personally, want to believe it. After all, the Gulf is my ocean. I grew up on it and still love it. If somehow the oil will just go away, great.

I admit, however, that I remain a skeptic, as other scientists recently reported that there was lots of oil still there. I guess the results depend upon who sponsors the study. That's not very original.

However, I have other concerns - remember you heard it here before Stewart, Cobert, Leno, Letterman, etc tell this on their shows.

If the microbes are now getting more oil than ever before, won't they evolve?

Maybe they'll become enormous and we can have our own Godzilla-type monster in Galveston Bay? Coming ashore, they seek oil - not just petroleum but cooking oil. No McDonalds' is safe. Who will save our cheeseburgers? Who will save our fries? Will the microbe monster supersize it?

Okay, I'll take my medicine now.

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