Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Freedom to Roam - local solutions to big problems

Often, my fellow environmentalists and I get flack for being unrealistic. Imagine that! However, here’s a group of folks who get it; they get the problem, the get the solution, and they get that we all need to work together and make some compromise to get things done.

Animals need to roam. This is for migration, for breeding, for eating, and more. Yet, while we have some isolated areas protected for them, often there is no way for them to move from one area to another. Freedom to Roam folks are trying to address that issue.

They’re not saying “No development.” Rather, they’re using tested methods to create corridors for animals to move while improving the lives of those folks living in the area.

Check it out below. If you can’t see the video, go to http://snowboardingjapan.blogspot.com/. A hint: when I watched it, the site was running slow. Let most of the video download before trying to watch it. It’s worth the effort.

Freedom to Roam Multimedia presentation from Freedom to Roam on Vimeo.

Want to see more? Go to http://freedomtoroam.org/about/

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