Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to stop hate

I wrote about this here once before.

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There's no excuse for discrimination against GLT (gay/lesbian/transexual). Zero. I don't care about your religion or hangups - discrimination and hatred are simply wrong. If you disagree personally, that's okay. But these folks have the same right as anyone to go to school, be happy, work, and live.

If your religion says otherwise, you need another religion. Yours is flawed.

In my high school, I took an African American woman to the prom - okay, the after-prom - I was too cheap to rent a tux. It was (I'm told) the first time a white/black couple attended. Lots of people said it was morally wrong. Today, no one would bat an eye.

It's time we move to that point on GLT issues too.

If you agree with me, sign a petition to move the ball forward. It's here.

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