Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea Bagger Nazis are arming themselves

Think you've seen all the Tea Bag Party silliness there is? There's more. Now, along with some Republican members of the Oklahoma legislature, they're proposing a militia to defend the state governments against U.S. power.

For those with short memories, this is the home of the Oklahoma City bombing. Now, they're trying to legalize a militia made up of people only vaguely more rational than the cowardly idiot who blew up the Murrah building.

Intelligent conservatives (y'all need to stand up and speak up now) are as skeptical about this as I am. Yet, some members of the state legislature are saying the legislation will be introduced next year...including one who intends to run for governor.

Once these guys go violent, they move from silly people to criminals and should be treated as such. Just when I'm thinking (we) liberal Democrats are losing, these idiots come along and make us look really smart.

One final note: they say they're only concerned with states' rights yet none of them spoke up when Bush ordered that California had to comply with the much weaker emission standards of the federal government.

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