Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cowardly gun advocate rally in Virginia

Cowardly gun rights advocates rallied in a Virginia park to protest gun control laws.

Why "cowardly"? If you really believe you need to walk around with a weapon, you're either living a life of fear or you're trying to compensate for other problems. While I would never propose banning hunting weapons, these guys are over the top.

The even had Mike Vanderboegh, a former Alabama Minuteman, as a key speaker. I'll let you speculate on how they chose the term "Minuteman". He's famous for telling people they should throw bricks through the windows of local Democratic Party headquarters. He's a real loser.

In his speach, he said he couldn't get a fair trial in federal court so he'd shoot it out with the Federales if they come to arrest him. Brilliant. Surely we can arrest him for something and show the world that he doesn't really have the er....courage to do that.

Gun control advocate Martina Leinz confronted him after the rally and called him "a small, little bully". H'mmm...small, Minuteman...are we seeing a trend here.

Rational people don't walk around with weapons. Rational people don't support brick-throwing. Ironically, in the 60s the same people were calling for mass arrests of protestors. Amazing.

In the end, someone will get hurt. That's really a shame.

Imagine...you're in a Starbucks and one of these guys is there with a gun on his shoulder. You argue about something...who's first in line, whatever and the moron touches his weapon. What happens next?

It's all bad.

For the record, while I no longer hunt, many of my friends do. And, responsible hunting is good for the environment. This isn't about hunting...it's about...dare I say it...law and order.

My, the times have changed.

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