Saturday, April 10, 2010

Right (Fox News) wing liars - and now on purpose

Obama has pushed to get a nuclear non-proliferation treaty to happen.

There are good reasons to support it and good reasons to oppose it. However, there are no good reasons to lie about it.

It isn't the end of our security. It doesn't reduce our security at all. When people say it does, they're just using scare tactics to intimidate folks who don't read.

We will still have enough nuclear firepower to destroy the world 5 - 7 times. Makes me feel secure. The treaty allows for nuclear response if we're attacked with biological weapons. It even allows for nuclear response if we're attacked in any way by a nation who is not in compliance with the accords.

As John Stewart pointed out, he's only proposing a 1/3 reduction - the same as Ronald Reagan proposed.

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