Friday, March 12, 2010

Just how much can we hate each other?

According to CNN, a Mississippi high school canceled it's prom rather than face a lawsuit over allowing two lesbians to attend together.


I'm the first to say I don't see much value in proms but this seems so extreme. While the issue of gay or lesbian dates didn't come up in my school - in the closet was the standard - it wasn't unusual for women and/or guys without a date to come with a friend, sometimes of the same sex. I guess that option's gone away also.

I lived in Mississippi as an adult and found it pathetic on social issues. The last time I lived there it seemed I was always involved with issues of race and acceptance. Now, the hate has expanded.

If you believe being gay or lesbian is wrong, great. I really don't care anymore than I care if you believe in the tooth fairy. But, keep it to yourself. Just because you aren't wired that way and can't possible understand how someone could be different than you doesn't justify discrimination, isolation, and often worse.

Your behavior is boorish. Now, lots of kids are deprived of their prom just because of your paranoia.

The CNN story is here.

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