Friday, January 1, 2010

One man, one Shiba Ken

This is a roadside stop just after getting off the expressway. It has clean, semi-warm restrooms and vending machines, making it very cool. It's even on the correct side of the road if you're on your way to the resorts.

On this day, it offered one additional service - there was a Shiba Ken carrying an ice scraper in his mouth. As I didn't have icy windshields, I'm not sure what the charge for cleaning them would have been.

Stateside dog lovers know this dog as a Shiba Inu. It's a Japanese dog and, over here,  they say Shiba Ken. It has to do with how you read the kanji...oh, well...what do they know? ;-)

BTW, they are outstanding dogs. I have one and he saved my life...literally and figuratively. I may tell the literal story at some point. The figurative one is between him and me.

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