Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outside Magazine's blog sells out hard to Sigg

I never liked Sigg. When they said their bottles had no BPA in them but the material was proprietary so they couldn't tell us, I knew they were lying. So did some other people. Finally, as everyone knows, they got busted for having BPA in their products and lieing about it. They risked the health of folks who bought their bottles. In my mind, there's no way I'd every trust them.

Outside Magazine isn't being so strict. On their web blog, they ranted and raved about the new Sigg bottle, as if aluminum was just discovered. They don't point out that they're taking Sigg's word for it that there's no BPA in the product now --- even though Sigg lied before.

You think someone's selling an ad with this? I do.

When I posted up that Outside was shirking their journalistic duty, they answered pretty quickly. When I said it again and pointed out that they weren't answering my allegations...well, they haven't answered yet. Maybe they will. Want to see for yourself? Go here for the Outside blog/story. Tell them what you think. After all, how important is our health to Outside magazine?

Here's my product review. More will come.

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