Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's for dinner?

One of the scariest parts about coming to Japan for the first time is eating. I routinely talk to people terrified of the experience. If all you eat is the basic steak, potatoes, and cheeseburgers, stay home. Really. You'll be unhappy and folks will be offended. However, if you're willing to try a few things, Japan is spectacular.

A great thing about Japan is the prevalence of kaiten sushi bars. These are sushi restaurants that have conveyor belts bringing sushi around. You don't need to speak - you just take the plate you want. The plates are color-coded for pricing so that's easy too. Pictured is ebi furai roll. I got it in a kaiten sushi bar but did need to special order it. Ebi furai roll means fried shrimp roll.  It's a large fried shrimp with a lettuce leaf and a very small bit of mayo. Naturally, each restaurant is different - this isn't available everywhere - but it's a bit tasty. The plate shown cost $3 to $4...I don't remember precisely.

I love Japanese food.

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