Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Product review - Injinji Ex-celerator Performance Toe Socks

I read about these in a ski magazine...maybe in Ski Magazine. My disclaimers - no one provided them for me to test - I bought them from Backcountry.com. If you want a discount from Backcountry, check out this. If anyone wants to provide me with gear to test, let me know. I live on a U.S. military base so shipping is easy. I will review your products honestly...and keep them or give them away. I'm standing by for offers...not everyone at once.

These are compression socks. The cover your legs past the calves. They were warm and, for a guy with chronic foot problems, extremely comfortable. I'm a fan of toe socks...they may look weird but they are comfortable. At the end of the day, my legs weren't as tired, my feet were dry, and I'm ordering more of them. To see them at Backcountry.com, go here.

UPDATE: I wore these on a 3-day weekend in pretty cold conditions. They kept my feet very warm and kept me from getting as tired. Really great socks!

They cost $38 before your discount. Definitely worth it.

If you have questions, let me know.

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