Sunday, January 3, 2010

A brief essay in terror while en route to snowboarding in Japan

You knew it would suck. There's no need to leave this early for dawn patrol. Still, somehow you got shafted into driving and your so-called-friends crashed out, snoring their lives away.

You drive forever without seeing signs you can read. Paranoia marries sleepiness - you're edgy as hell. Up ahead in the distance, a warning sign looms...what can it be? As you get closer you see...

That's right - this area is swarming with giant, killer tanuki.

Well, not really. First, they aren't very all. Second, swarming is an overstatement...I've only seen them in zoos over here although friends mine...even when sober...claim to have seen them. Finally, they don't kill much other than small rodents and bugs. They're actually kind of cool and a sign of good luck. Wikipedia has this interesting article.

Americans usually call them Raccoon Dogs. They boldly guard entrances to restaurants and shops, displaying their rather disproportionately large juevos to all who care to look...and to those who don't care to look.

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