Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Non-stick causing high cholesterol? What about my Patagonia jacket?

Sometimes it seems like nothing works right.

I remember when the miracle of non-stick cookware first became popular. It was revolutionary. However, it didn't last long. The stuff would come off the pots and pans and didn't taste very good.

Now, it stays on the pans much better. However, it apparently leaches out just a bit.

A recent study, while not providing quid pro quo, does show that there there is a link between them and higher cholesterol in kids. Remember, these are the same kids we're fattening up.

That's pretty disconcerting. I'm lazy and I love non-stick. I've learned to use it at lower temperatures and thought that would make it okay. Maybe not.

Of course, other liner materials can create problems and the folks we count on to inform us don't always do so.

While I can probably switch to something better there, the same study showed a link between higher cholesterol and the chemical used to waterproof fabrics.

Does that include my new Patagonia jacket?

That's pretty serious.

Of course, life isn't all bad. Some things they told us were bad are pretty good.

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