Friday, July 9, 2010

Tea Baggers support British Petroleum's pollution of the Gulf

 I want to say first that I don't accuse all Republicans of this - that would be as insane as those Republicans who support the oil giant. But, check it out.

Rand Paul first said that Obama's trying to control the oil company is un-American. He backed off that for awhile but yesterday said that Obama's attacks on BP could harm its ability to clean up the spill and might destroy its financial stability.

Now that's just patently stupid. It's like telling the police not to arrest an axe murderer because he hadn't finished mopping up the blood yet. His financial take is equally clueless. Every financial analysis I've seen on BP says that, while this will definitely affect their bottom line, they could survive much worse. Rand Paul isn't a real libertarian - he's a real moron who will sell out his nation for small political gain.

Sharon Angle - running against Harry Reid in Nevada - called the BP fund for recovery a slush fund. Then, when the stuff started hitting the fan, she backtracked. This isn't her first back-track. She took down her old website because it was such a political liability then threatened to sue Harry Reid for making it available.  Nothing warms my heart more than seeing new faces in campaigns but her presence has gotten old real fast. As cynical as I can be about Harry Reid, she's making him look like a candidate for sainthood.

Naturally, we all remember Joe Barton of Texas apologizing to BP because American asked them to pay for the damage they did. He backtracked also.

So, what's worse - Tea Baggers selling out our nation to an oil conglomerate or their lack of courage to stand by what they say?

The best tea doesn't come in bags. Sorry Ms. Palin.

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