Friday, July 30, 2010

Shaggy cat story

To say that I love animals is an understatement. However, one of my dogs - Kenji - saved my life both when I was having a heart attack and after I had it. In so many ways, he taught me how to love more and deeper than I ever knew possible.

Yeah...he made me a soft touch.

But, I'm not a "dog" person. I'm an animal person. Animals have made me a better human and I only hope to help a few of them in return. While I don't have cats - my wife's allergic to them - I absolutely love them.

I "dumbed onto" this site recently.

Imagine spending your time, money, and energy helping blind cats. I admit - I never even thought about blind cats. Yet, here are some folks that not only thought about them; they're helping them. Take a look at the video - there are a lot more on the site.

I imagine that if you talked with them, they'd say they weren't making a sacrifice for the cats. I believe they see it as a work of love.

Each of us has the opportunity to perform works of love. We can do that with the animals and people in our lives. For some of us, the animals open the path to greater love for the people. They have their missions in this life as well.

Enjoy the video. As always, if you're seeing this somewhere that the links don't show, go to and see it in all its glory. If you want to see some interesting shaggy dog stories, go here.

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