Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hawai'i (Hawaii for search engines ;-) )

I've spent the week in Hawai'i. Before anyone says how lucky I am, I've been working. Still, if I've got to work, it may as well be here.

Hawai'i has tons of problems. The state is nearly bankrupt and social programs, while devised with the best of intentions, are luxuries that are exceeding the state's revenue least now.

To make matters worse, the public education system is awful. Honestly, if I'm a person of authority or influence in Hawai'i, I spend my money on education first. There is no future for the island without it.

Amazingly, I see the exact same problems in Guam.

Most who come here never venture out of the comfort zones. Business took me into poorer neighborhoods. Wow...quite a difference from Waikiki. Naturally, I always knew that intellectually but seeing it is sobering.

I've got Saturday and Sunday off so hopefully more will follow.

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