Saturday, December 26, 2009

Outstanding food for apres-snowboarding in Japan

I know it's hard to believe, but people in Japan don't eat sushi and sashimi 3 meals a day, 24X7. Actually, Japanese food is quite varied and very, very tasty. Here's a link to an introduction to udon and soba noodles, including a miniature menu you can bring to soba/udon shops and order by pointing.

A few quick tips - udon and soba are not ramen. Ramen is also good (it has a pork broth) but I don't eat meat so I can't give detailed advice. I do eat no soba/udon noodle is safe around me. BTW, some soba and udon meals have meat in them also. Some restaurants have English menus - you can ask by saying "A go menu, koo de sai". The words are spelled phonetically with the first A being long. Finally, many restaurants have pictures of the food on the menu and plastic replicas of the food in the window outside the restaurant. It's okay to point at the plastic replicas to order.

Another story on food options is here and here's a bit more on adult beverages and a healthy snack.

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