Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drinking in Japan

That subject isn't for a blog - it's encyclopedic. But I'll keep it rewarding and easy.
Try sake. BWT, it's pronounced sa kay.  Do not say sa kee....unless, of course you're from Tennessee and want everyone to know immediately.

Lots of books - even in English - have been written on the subject. For the benefit of empirical science, I've done field research. I can say the following conclusively:

Today this one is my favorite. By this one, I mean Hakkai-san. I've had the more expensive Hakkai-san and the cheaper...this is in the latter category...and it's always good. Pronounce it Ha kai san...or just print the picture. More on this subject later - I need another glass.

What's with the orange fruit and the 5-dollar bill?

The orange fruit is called a mikan. That's pronounced me con. In season, it's sooooooo sweet and sooooo easy to peal (barehanded while aquiring Cheeto fingers), that it becomes an addiction.

The bill is to give a sense of size perspective. I would have use a hundred, but they're at the er......cleaners.

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