Friday, May 14, 2010

Violent people and guns

Some people say it's because we aren't a religious nation any longer. Perhaps, but I suspect it's because religions are failing us.

They teach hate. I hate that guy, the other side, the other race, etc. Religions, instead of teaching love and respect for folks that we disagree with, teach intolerance and hate. Sometimes they preach it from the pulpit.

So, many folks give up on religion. Others thrive in the atmosphere of fear and distrust that shrouds many religions.

The net effect - the nation and world fall apart and people die.

In Chicago, a man recently shot and killed another man...because the other man's dog peed in his lawn. Here's the link.

Imagine taking another person's life just because of your lawn. What's your religion?

Guns too play a role. Without easy access, this kind of violence is far less likely.  It's quick and easy to shoot people. I know all the right-to-bear arms folks are upset about this but how many people need to die and how many lives need to be destroyed before we ask what matters most - a questionable Constitutional interpretation or human life?

True Christianity would quickly say the human life matters most. Buddhism always puts human life first. Those are the religions I know best but I also know that Judaism and Moslem religions also value human life.

After you kll someone, try explaining to God that it was your Constitutional right. Try ignoring the karma that comes because of your action...because the law was on your side.

What are we really thinking?

For more on guns and their role in society, click here.

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